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Passionate about plants...
…so we grow our own

At the beginning of February we have hundreds of baby herbaceous plants arrive at the nursery, Our staff pot them all up into larger pots using a high quality compost and slow release fertiliser and tend to them daily until they are ready for sale.

With around 300 varieties being grown each year there is a lot to keep us busy. From the tried and tested varieties to new introductions we always try to keep the range of perennials we grow up-to-date.

As we are a retail nursery our stock levels are always changing so if you would like to know what we have in stock please contact us

Herbaceous Perennials

Seasonal Bedding

From March to May our growing tunnels are full to the brim with thousands of summer bedding and container plants. We grow Pelargoniums, Petunias, Begonias and more. All are grown naturally with no extra heating, over-feeding or growth stimulants so you can be guaranteed that the plants are strong and healthy. Each year we introduce new varieties and experiment with different combinations.

We plant up lots of hanging baskets and containers ready for sale and also offer a planting up service for our customers. You can give specific requirements for what you would like or leave it to us.

We are very traditional with when we start to sell our summer bedding as we believe having grown spent so much time growing beautiful plants they should succeed in our customers gardens and so we always suggest waiting until the end of May for planting outside. As they say ‘Never cast a clout till May is out’.

Once the summer bedding is out of the tunnels we start to fill them again with autumn bedding. Primroses, Pansies and Bellis to keep your containers and baskets flowering for yet another season. With all these plants grown on site we really can guarantee the quality.

Vegetable Plants

All sown from seed by our staff and pricked out into packs and pots for sale these plants are great to get your vegetable patches and greenhouses growing. We grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuces, Courgette, Spinach, Cabbages and Beetroot to name a  few.   Sowings   start   at   the

Beginning of February and continue through to August giving you a succession of plants to allow your gardens to be growing vegetables throughout the year.


We buy bare-root Roses from a grower in Cambridge and grow them on to strong, healthy plants ready for your garden. We have a selection of Shrub Roses, Hybrid-Teas, Climbers and Special Occasion Roses. Roses are available to buy from January to November and variety availability changes each   year.   Stock   availability   will   vary

throughout the year so please contact us for availability of the Rose you are looking for.

To keep us busy we are always looking at what new plants we can grow. We grow some of our own herbs and alpines and a large proportion of the Lavender plants we sell. If we’re struggling to find the quality of plant we strive for then we choose to grow it ourselves.

Being so plant focused the team at Orchard Nursery are always happy to guide you in the right direction with what plant to put in the right place. You can always get helpful tips on how to plant or look after your plants by asking one of our members of staff.

As our saying goes we’re ‘Passionate about plants… so we grow our own’!