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There are 4 main types of seed potato - 1st Earlies, 2nd Earlies,  Maincrops and Salads. Each type wants planting at different times and will give you a different type of potato for eating. There is nothing quite like harvesting the potatoes from your garden, cooking and eating them that same day - the taste is always superb.

First earlies, as the name suggests, are the first to be planted and the first to crop. These will produce what we know as new potatoes, great for salads they are generally a more waxy potato. These include Rocket and Arran Pilot.

Second earlies are the second to plant and crop. These are a bit of a cross between a new potato and a storing potato and can be used for chipping, boiling or mashing. These include Maris Peer or Nicola.

Maincrops are your storing potatoes. These go in the ground the latest and stay in the longest. These are the storing potatoes great for roasts, baking and mash. These include the popular Desiree and King Edwards.

Salad potatoes are just as they say - for salads. These can be some of the more unusual varieties like Pink Fir Apple or Anya.

Seed Potatoes & What to do with Them

Growing your seed potatoes

We source all of our seed potatoes from registered producers with Safe Haven Certification to prevent the spread of diseases.