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Within our growing tunnels during the spring and autumn months hanging above the thousands of bedding and container plants are lots of hanging baskets. We plant up many each year growing them on in the tunnels until they are full of bloom and ready for sale.

Not only do we plant up baskets for sale we also offer the service of planting up baskets for our customers. If you have a specific requirement or would like a certain colour palette they can be ordered, planted up and collected when they are ready. We have a range of different hanging basket styles that can be chosen from, or you can bring in your old baskets for re-planting.

This service is a good way of getting the most out of the baskets you already have. We can help you choose the plants to go in the baskets or you can leave it up to us simply telling us where they’re going and a colour preference if there is one. We even have some customers that we have re-planted baskets for so many years now they trust us to do whatever combinations we want as they haven’t had a combination they haven’t liked.

If you would like us to re-plant your baskets for the summer season we will have them planted for the end of May and they are planted up on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can still take in baskets after May for summer planting and these are normally ready within two weeks of planting.

We can take in baskets at anytime during the autumn or winter for planting up with plants for these months. We will have lots of pansies and primroses for winter colour as well as small evergreen shrubs and perennials which once they have finished in the baskets you can plant in the garden.

Please contact us for more information.

Hanging Basket Planting Service